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About this website

About This Website

washingtondc.planetbarfly.com is a fun, local website dedicated to bringing you the best drink specials and dining locations Washington, DC has to offer.

The drink specials featured on this site have been suggested by residents of Washington, your friends and neighbors. Feel free to Browse this week's drink list or Search for your favorite restaurant's specials.

One of the greatest features of washingtondc.planetbarfly.com is the ability for you to get involved! Add your favorite drink specials to the site and help spread the word about Washington's coolest places to hang out.

The Crew

The Street Team is our feet-on-the-ground marketing team. If you've seen the site's bumper stickers or fliers around town, chances are one of these hardworking individuals put them there.

What is this?

planetbarfly.com is an online community that helps you find drink specials at your favorite local bars & restaurants!

The who & how

We have a team dedicated to collecting drink specials from the best bars around District of Columbia.

Help Out!

Know of any drinks or restaurants that we might have missed? If you see something inaccurate or outdated, send us an email. Thanks!

Hot Bars!

  1. Buffalo Billiards 201 drink specials
  2. Hudson Restaurant &... 155 drink specials
  3. Local 16 155 drink specials
  4. The Big Hunt 129 drink specials
  5. Occidental Grill 93 drink specials


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